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: and the annual financial support of: hello, i'm john lithgow. welcome to "american cinema." in 1946, hollywood didn't think a tv screen only inches in size could ever compete with a theatre screen 30 feet wide. movies were king. television was a novelty developed by radio industry. barely 6,000 sets were in use across the entire country. by 1951, it was a new world and television was a part of it. movie theatres were closing in waves, 55 in new york alone. to make matters worse, hollywood was coming apart. anti-trust action dismantled the entire studio system. the monopoly of the movies was over. hollywood's reaction to tv was like one of its plot lines. at first denial, then feeling threatened, followed by fierce competition until embracing the adversary. yet it was television that produced a new generation of movie directors that told stories in new ways, with movies like "the manchurian candidate," "bonnie and clyde," and "mash." the studios didn't disappear; they adapted. and so did the movies. today, we are on the verge of another revolution, as a whole new range of digital technologies w
're speaking to earth. so we'll begin with that request, and when all those come together, i've asked john to mix the elements in that creation that is life. >> and i'll play a little drum background for you to do the speaking to the elements. we use a drum a lot just to - sometimes just to entertain the conscious mind, so something else can happen. >> and part of what we teach as the essence of our mystery school is that when anyone is willing to stand forth and do this kind of work, take this kind of risk, what the rest of us give that person is our absolute support. one of my beliefs is there are no mistakes - just sometimes true divine originality. >> often very creative. >> so, would you just ask the air, from your heart, to join us? [drums playing in background] >> from the breath, from the birth, you who lives in our center, and every cell of our being, and within every atom of our existence, ourselves, and still beyond all of these things, farther outside of any boundaries that any of us can even imagine. in you is life, in you is freedom, in you is wonder, in you is life. >> breat
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2